The Team – FRESHY

Meet the FRESHY Leadership Team

Founder, ceo, and creative director

Scott Willman

Scott stands at the helm of FRESHY as its founder, guiding force, and intrepid leader. An artist with a diverse portfolio and a modern-day polymath, Scott has always been on a quest for the ideal outlet for his distinctive creativity. With the creation of FRESHY, he has found just that, and thus began a new chapter. Scott is on a mission to cement FRESHY's status as a groundbreaking force in fashion, constantly challenging the norms to bring his vision of an innovative fashion brand to life. Away from the drawing board where he crafts the world's most vibrant and distinctive footwear, Scott enjoys snowboarding, architecture, sculpting and designing the ever evolving landscape gardens of the freshy castle.


Elizabeth Damiani

Liz serves as the strategic cornerstone of FRESHY. Boasting a diverse skill set honed through years of driving impactful results for leading companies, Liz is the glue that binds this eclectic team. With a keen focus on financial health, she adeptly navigates FRESHY through the challenges of tight deadlines, profit and loss considerations, and fierce competition. Outside of steering FRESHY’s ambitious course, Liz enjoys relaxing on the beaches of North Carolina with her husband and their three sons.


Robb Savage

Robb is a pedigreed digital marketing professional who has worked in countless industries, gleaning knowledge and experience from each industry to bring to FRESHY, the most rewarding and challenging brand a marketer could market. A marketing generalist who has vast experience from many tactical channels all the way up to top level strategy, Robb is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what it takes to get things done. His passion for the brand lives on a spectrum from performance marketing to overall brand management. When he is not telling the story of FRESHY he is playing music, mountain biking, fly fishing, or chasing around his wife and two kids.


Baby Girl

Baby Girl is far more than your average employee. Weighing in at 170 pounds and boundless in warmth, this St. Bernard brings a unique blend of joy, loyalty, and cuddles to our workspace. With a keen nose for stress and unease, Baby Girl patrols the office with a gentle demeanor, offering comforting nuzzles and a listening ear (or rather, a floppy one) to anyone in need. Her daily rounds include greeting visitors with a wagging tail at the door, participating in meetings (where she often contributes with timely snoring or a deep, contemplative gaze), and ensuring that break times are observed, preferably with a bit of play and treats.