Meet the Founder – FRESHY

Scott Willman

Scott stands at the helm of FRESHY as its founder, guiding force, and intrepid leader. An artist with a diverse portfolio and a modern-day renaissance man, Scott has always been on a quest for the ideal outlet for his distinctive creativity. With the creation of FRESHY, he has found just that, and thus began a new chapter.

Scott Willman, the visionary founder of FRESHY World, is a vibrant force in the footwear industry, bringing an infectious blend of creativity and community-focused innovation. Under his leadership, FRESHY has emerged as a brand that emphasizes not just style and comfort but also a spirit of fun and personal expression. 

Willman's artistic background and polymathic tendencies have shaped FRESHY's unique aesthetic, which is deeply infused with California's eclectic and laid-back vibe. “I have always been a designer by nature, not by trade,” he says. “I was always an investor by trade, but I have had a lot of small companies along the way. But I designed everything here (at the Castle); I designed the landscape, I designed the house, I have built big sculptures. I’ve been at Burning Man for 15 years making sculptures and building art cars and stuff like that. I’ve just always been into design. I have a design thing and these (shoes) are like little foot sculptures.”

The essence of FRESHY lies in its commitment to quality and playfulness, where each product is designed as a canvas for individuality. Willman's approach allows customers to "be themselves, unapologetically," a mantra that is vividly reflected in the brand's dynamic sneaker designs. This philosophy extends beyond the products to the brand's culture, promoting a lifestyle where fun and functionality coexist harmoniously.

Under Willman's guidance, FRESHY has introduced several collections that resonate with diverse audiences, from casual wearers to the more fashion-forward. His strategic vision for the company encompasses a broad engagement with community and culture, evident in how the brand integrates into everyday life scenarios, whether it's a stroll through city streets or a night out dancing. The inspiration for these designs comes from a deep artistic force. “Where do crazy thoughts come from? I don’t know. I guess just things you’ve seen over the years. We spend a lot of time on details. I am a detail person, obviously. Pretty much everything I have ever designed has been at the witching hours of 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning. I tend to wake up at that time and be very inspired,” he muses.

In addition to its consumer-centric approach, FRESHY is also recognized for its commitment to creating an engaging community around its products, inviting customers to join in and experience the joy of the brand firsthand. This community-driven success is a testament to Willman's belief in the power of his strategies and the genuine passion he brings to the FRESHY brand. “We want the vibe, we want people to invest in our community and our energy… To buy [into] our brand, our ethos, our DNA.”